“Being diagnosed with lymphoma cancer in 2010 put me on a journey that led to the Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, California and then to the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland and then to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and then to the Moores Cancer Center at UCSD. While all of these institutions had their strengths I became frustrated and irritated by the fact that the patient was not first. So, I made a list of all that irritated me as a cancer patient in the US medical system. Then, I decided to make a healthcare center that eliminated those irritations, a place where I could be treated, where the patient is first and that is what Scantibodies Imaging and Therapy (SIT) is.

I know firsthand all the feelings that a cancer patient feels and I have tried to design SIT to address the needs of the patient. Moreover, after I was diagnosed with cancer both my wife and grandson were diagnosed with leukemia cancer. So cancer has been a big focus in my life.

From my own painful experience with cancer and my own personal relief and gladness to have SIT for my own care, it is now my joy and fulfillment to see other patients join me in benefiting from the personal care and service offered by Scantibodies Imaging and Therapy.

-Tom Cantor, President and Founder of Scantibodies Laboratory

Scantibodies Imaging and Therapy

Medical Center specializing in diagnosis, detection and monitoring of patients with a certified medical team and advanced technology in imaging. We have 3 of the best equipments for diagnosis that are only used in prestigious hospitals around the world.

Our Imaging Center offers:

•Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

•Computed Tomography (CT)

•Magnetic Resonance (MRI)



Scantibodies Imaging and Therapy

Calle Los Viñedos #4000-E
Parque Industrial El Bajío,
Tecate, B.C. México C.P. 21430
1 (888) 529 9016
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