At Scantibodies Imaging and Therapy we have advanced digital technology in imaging studies. This allows for fast and precise studies for a better diagnosis.

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PET - Foreigners Package - $37,350 M.N.*

This package is considered for foreign patients with residence outside of Baja California.

PET/CT imaging study
• Meal***
• Transportation****

*Price subject to change without prior notice.
**Accommodation: 1 night stay at the spectacular Casa de Paz Suites.
***Meal: 1 breakfast or lunch, depending on the schedule of the study.
****Transportation: Day 1 / Tijuana Airport – Suites and Day 2 / Suites – Scantibodies – Tijuana Airport.

Oncology and neurology metabolic imaging studies with nuclear medicine.

Full body study in 20 minutes.

Up to 4 times less radiation exposure compared to conventional equipment.

Scantibodies Imaging and Therapy

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